Bulk SMS service

SMS GupShup is India's largest mobile medium platform with more than 1.5 crore+ subscribers, 5.5 lakh+ SMS communities and flow of 30 crore+ messages per month. It is incubated in IIT Mumbai having its base in US.
Bulk SMS service is designed for composing and sending instant unlimited text messages, invitations, season greetings, mass recruitment notifications,  job alerts, business advertisements, mobile marketing campaigns, notifying customers about deals, product promotions and events from PC to an individual or to a group of individuals on their mobile phones.

Prospective Clients and Their Uses:

Business Institutions

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Corporate Communications
  • Communicating with customers regarding services and offers
  • Election Campaigns
  • Corporate Communications
  • Informing about scheduled meetings
  • Corporate Communications
  • Event Co-ordinations and Publicities
  • Marketing
    Corporate Communications
  • Marketing
Personal Uses
  • Greetings
  • Communications
  • Marketing


Bulk SMS Features :

  • Mobile message sending Application can send unlimited text  messages      from PC to mobile  phones
  • Single click SMS delivery to hundred's of numbers
  • Delivery Status Reports & Instant Delivery.
  • Can send message with masking (Eg:-The Name of your company)
  • Can create multiple group from your log-in; add numbers into this group     and send messages to one or more group.
  • Can upload Excel sheet (for adding number), Import of Address book from text files or excel sheets
  •  Can set the date and time to send SMS
  •  Can send multiple SMS content to multiple person at the same time
  • Can mange your group members(add, delete)
  • Can view the messages send.
    The messages can be send nationally
  •  If you have a website, you have an  API document to integrate your     software with our Partner Interface
  • All India GSM + CDMA Coverage including BSNL and Reliance IndiaMobile      & Tata Indicom

    The  platform is private and hence you cannot invite a person to join your group. You have to upload the number by your self. There are much more you can see in the system when you login

SMS Advertisement Service  (Mobile Advt. Services)
Advertisement service provided through mobile at low cost. Tis is thecheapest and the most effective advertising media. The service is provided directly from seroch server solutions on ontract basis
Contact: 9388998410,9847576177,0495 3144943

Bulk SMS PLANS (“Sanchar”)
competitive rates are available on request.For details please contact 9847576177, 9388338410.